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EASE was founded by rental property owners just like you. Our small-scale Utah County based Property Management company has a unique perspective that puts rental owners specific needs in mind. Why work with a “big box franchise” when you can work with a property management company that truly understands your personal needs, stresses, and goals? Whether you are new to property management, or are familiar with the industry already, our goal here at EASE is to deliver superior personalized property management service. We strive to be responsive, efficient, and offer the most affordable rate of all the property management companies in Utah. We believe that our success is owed to our relationships with rental property owners, and we strive to go above-and-beyond to maintain and improve these relationships. When being a Landlord becomes too much to handle, we are here to help simplify the process.

What Makes Us Different

One thing that makes EASE different is our business structure. We employ a “portfolio” model of property management, rather than a “departmental” model. This means that instead of having a difficult chain of command to go through when contacting us about your rental property, you have one account manager to contact. Most companies will have you contact many different people for different inquiries and questions you have about your property, such as: Billing, rent collections, maintenance, repairs, inspections, advertising, and so on.

Property owners have found this model which other companies are using to be much less personable and, at times, quite frustrating. Owners have loved our “portfolio” model with one go-to account manager to contact for any and all inquiries. This is just one of the things that seperate us from our competitors.]

How will Ease Save Me Money?

83% of landlords who hire property managers discover that tenants pay more rent, with 77% finding that tenants stay for longer lease terms.

With our management software, we are able to post your property on several popular rental listing sites, filling vacancies faster, which saves you lost rent income. With rigorous tenant screening, we work hard to make sure that tenants will pay on time and put less wear and tear on your property. These attributes and more are how EASE’s management services are worth more than their cost.

In addition, there are some relationships in life that function best when there is a third party between two others to separate the emotions and eliminate the mishaps that can occur when two parties work directly with one another. This relationship between a landlord and a tenant is one of these relationships.



  • Ease Property Management is amazing. They go above and beyond! We weren't able to get one of their properties so the Manager found us other properties to meet our needs and we were able to find a great place. I highly recommend them and I will always turn to Ease first when looking for a place! Krya Ann Hermann -- Facebook
  • I worked with Ease Property Management on an install for crown molding recently on an Ease Management managed property. Communication with the owners of the property and with the Ease Management team was thorough and effective. The addition of trim work to the home added rental value for the owner, and beauty for the renter. Working with Ease Property Management proved to be a wise decision. Andrew Bingham -- Facebook
  • The staff, the experience, the knowledge, and the treatment are the best you will ever receive! Call these guys ASAP for the best results possible! Jessie Park -- Facebook



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