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With the rising problems of drug and alcohol abuse, expert treatment remains a vital need in the United States. Transformations Treatment Center with residential community housing is a comprehensive addiction treatment and long term rehabilitation service for men and women: a substance abuse rehabilitation facility that offers both traditional 12-step and Christian-based rehabilitation programs for both substance abuse and co-occurring disorders. 

When you enter your private room in a home like setting at Transformations, you will join a nurturing, supportive community of members we have come to call our ‘Florida Family’. The road to addiction recovery takes immense strength, courage, support and guidance. Our skilled therapists with an individualized approach to therapy, our home like residences, safe and serene campus environment and our holistic rehabilitation approach at this unique addiction treatment center is a major improvement over other treatment centers who address only the addiction, without providing help for healing the mind, body and spirit of the recovering person.

The innovative programs and services offered are specialized to meet the specific needs of each client individually. We are one of the few treatment centers that offers, on a weekly basis, holistic supplements with documented results.  We incorporate the “Master Holistic Formulations” holistic supplement protocol, a unique approach to rebuilding damaged areas of the body and brain. Through their use, we have significantly reduced or eliminated the need for pain and sleep medications. In addition, clients who experience ADD and ADHD have shown improvement with their symptoms.


Call for help today! (561) 859-0954



  • I am so blessed and grateful my life today is so worth living. Transformations is such a kind, caring, and encouraging facility. I was treated very well, love my therapist/friend Jean K, Shirley I , Gloria, the awesome TECHS and the entire staff. I am working hard on my recovery. One day at a time. I may come visit and celebrate my first year at Transformations, but right now it’s just for 2day. Charlett - Testimonials
  • When I came to Transformations, I didn’t know what to expect. Upon arrival, I was greeted by numerous staff members. They all made me feel very comfortable and welcomed. The accommodations were very comfortable and felt like a home, unlike my experiences in the past; where I felt like I was living in a hospital. The staff at the property was very accommodating and personable. Also, my therapist at the clinical office was really caring and worked very hard to get me to open up and share my feelings. Great experience overall. Kristy - Testimonials
  • Transformations transformed my life! Before I came to treatment I was a lost, broken down girl with no direction. The only way I knew how to cope with life was by using. I became physically and mentally drained. Transformations taught me how to cope with life without using. They got to the core of my issues n helped me understand my addiction! Today im able to live a sober life and enjoy all of lifes ups and deal with lifes downs! Im forever grateful for the staff at transformations! Lauren - Testimonials



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