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About Us

We are great people, what can I say?
We love working hard but we are very very serious about having fun!
We believe in quality time! So yes!
We are all about taking care of all details so YOU can have a great time with us!
Come on in!

At The Beat Cup Cafe there is always something fun happening!
At the Beat Cup Café, we share the idea that a community is strengthened through the enjoyment of homemade food, specialty coffee, hand-selected spirits, and colorful company. The strong flavors of Brazil and Argentina are packed into our freshly baked croissants, pies, quiche, and other delicacies. The succulent aromas enliven the senses while our local Panther coffee from Miami wakes up the mind and relaxes the soul. Our hand-picked brews of international flavors offer a variety of tastes found around the world that enhearten the gusto of harmony.

We passionately believe that what we put into our body fertilizes the soul and makes the enjoyment of life possible. Our unique space is filled with a warmth and originality that encourages individuality and celebrates creativity.

Art from local artists adorns the walls of the Café, including co-owner, master stylist, musician, and artist Eric Perna’s collection. Also co-owners, Carolina Sole Perna, her brother Pablo Sole and his wife Guety Sole work tirelessly to achieve their philanthropic vision of providing human kind with the greatest nourishment for the health of our community.

We also offer special weekly events such as Monday night Holistic Healing classes, Thursday night open mic poetry, Saturday jam session, and more. You never know who you will meet and be inspired by!

We desire to create the best environment possible where collaboration sparks innovation. The effects of great food, invigorating beverages, and colorful company unite our body and soul in an effort to enjoy and prosper. Come march to the beat of YOUR drum, and play a part in this orchestra we call life.  Help weave the fabric of a strong locale united through great food and warm company.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 8am to 6pm
Friday & Saturday 8am to 2 am