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Outpatient Drug Treatment Center Delray Beach FL

People often come to the Delray Center for Healing looking for a miracle. They may have failed treatment many times at other facilities or with other therapists. They may believe that they are untreatable or beyond help. They may have lost faith with the medical establishment and lost all hope that they will ever get better. This describes the average patient that finally finds treatment success at the Delray Center.

The astonishing success that so many patients find here is not a miracle, but rather the result of methodically implemented evidence based treatment that actually works. The multidisciplinary treatment team at this center provides care that consistently yields positive clinical outcomes in even the most difficult and complex cases. Patients that suffer from more than one major condition require effective treatment of all of their symptoms in order for them to get better. The broad range of expert level specialty care available from our professionals makes this possible.

The Delray Center for Healing is one of the most advanced outpatient treatment centers in the United States. The Center incorporates the most effective evidence based psychological and medical therapies to provide comprehensive outpatient treatment of Substance Abuse, Eating Disorders, Major Depression, Anxiety Disorders, Bipolar Disorder, Trauma, and Personality Disorders. Highly specific treatments, provided by professionals dedicated to a particular expertise, are used exclusively instead of the generic approaches seen in most facilities. This is just one of the reasons for the exceptional success rates.




  • i, my name is Ken. I have been a patient at the Delray Center for Healing since 2005. It is now 2014! 9 years later, I am Clean, Sober, Happy and Productive. I am now married and own my own entertainment business. If It were not for my Now wife and parents who made sure I got Help from Doctor Rodriguez, I would not be alive to write this today. Dr. Rodriguez and his staff are fantastic. Never once have they made me feel uncomfortable, or treated me like a criminal. They do perform random drug testing, so I never know when it's my turn. That being said, I have never failed a drug screen once in 9 years. Thank You Dr. Rodriguez! I am alive and well today because of you and your staff at The Delray Center For Healing. Than You From The Bottom Of My Heart!!! Peace & Love, Ken Verduin III (Kenny V!) Kenneth Verduin - Google+ Review
  • I've been a patient for 13 years. Best doctor around. Tops in every way. I would not be getting out of bed every morning without Dr. Rodriguez help. Aaron Marcus - Google+ Review
  • Dr Rodriquez is one of the most knowledgeable and compassionate Doctors I have ever met. Kevin Kline - Google+ Review
  • I cannot say enough about the Center and its people but would wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone seeking long-lasting resolution to his or her addiction problems. Google+ User
  • Thank you for believing in me and providing me with the support and treatment I need. You helped save my life and gave me a chance to live a different life You are a gift to everyones life you touch. I am so grateful to you Carey - Client



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