will-corrente-very-important-paws-west-palm-beach-fl“I cannot thank the SEO specialists at TownTarget
enough for all they have done to get my business
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daycare, dog groomers and dog hotels! They also
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fake-rpm-guy-testimonials“Obtaining and attracting new qualified clients for our business has always been a constant struggle. Especially with all the flooded competition on the web from established companies and individual real estate professionals, we needed all the help we could get! We worked with other SEO and marketing agencies before working with TownTarget and no one was able to provide the same results for an even LESS investment on our end! Now we are found on the web for hundreds of real estate and property management type keywords! We definitely now have the upper hand versus on competitors in the area.”

CASE STUDY: Very Important Paws 

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Very Important Paws is a full service dog boarding, training and grooming day
care including a spa and hotel located in West Palm Beach, Florida. The business
began in 2004 with the vision of creating a more attractive, luxurious yet
comfortable home-away-from-home for dogs over a traditional kennel or boarding
facility. Very Important Paws’ competitive advantage was not only to provide a
lavish stay but to complete it with spa services and even obedience classes.

Very Important Paws wanted to expand their client base but lacked the necessary marketing and optimization tools to do so. Very Important Paws was in need of capturing more customers that were in the right geographical area which would in return lead to a dramatic increase in the website’s visibility. Finding the right approach was necessary to attain new customers by increasing lead volume in
order to generate more business.

TouchSuite Marketing Services provides innovative and creative marketing
solutions to help businesses grow. TouchSuite works with a proprietary solution called TownTarget that increases a company’s overall web presence and helps
drive new business within 10 miles of the customer’s location.

The TouchSuite team heard about Very Important Paws challenges but also saw
the company’s potential to grow. After conducting the necessary research on Very Important Paws history, client retention, customer service and professional
integrity, TouchSuite offered Very Important Paws the opportunity to use
TownTarget in order to grow Very Important Paws web presence. TouchSuite was also able to help Very Important Paws market their newest additions, a swimming pool and birthday party services, which are evolving services in today’s market. TownTarget took the company’s marketing presence to a whole new level by
getting in front of customers that were specifically looking for Very Important Paws products and services. By creating a profile page that is easily accessible on the web, mobile and GPS-based devices, TownTarget can help Very Important Paws increase their online presence significantly.

TownTarget has helped Very Important Paws increase their sales, lead volume
and overall online presence. Over the past year, business is up significantly.
Since using TownTarget, we have delivered a 153% increase in first position keyword terms, a 38% increase in top three keyword terms and a whopping 88 keywords on the first page of Google. All of this results in new business and
strong growth for Very Important Paws.

CASE STUDY: Real Property Management Gold of Lexington Park

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Real Property Management of Lexington of Park, Maryland is a reliable residential property management services company locally owned and operated. Real Property focuses solely on providing full service residential property management in Charles County, Calvert County and St. Mary’s County. RPM handles duties as rent collection, evictions, selecting quality tenants, and offer many other cutting edge property management services above and beyond the established industry norms.

Real Property Management of Lexington Park was interested in setting higher goals for their business and wanted to do so by attracting new qualified clients. In order to do so, RPM Lexington Park needed to improve their modest online search engines ranking (Google, Bing and Yahoo). Dealing with a flood market by both established companies and individual real estate professionals, both on and offline, this goal was an uphill battle. After trying other SEO and marketing solutions, RPM Lexington Park was left wanting more rankings in Lexington Park and surrounding cities that they provide services in. They needed to find a solution to tie into their already existing marketing efforts.

TouchSuite Marketing Services provides innovative and creative marketing solutions to help businesses grow. TouchSuite works with a proprietary solution called TownTarget that increases a company’s overall web presence and helps drive new local business.

The TouchSuite team heard about Real Property Management’s challenge and knew they could help reach company’s potential to grow. A TownTarget profile was created for RPM Lexington Park that combined all of their marketing efforts into a single location online. Doing so, allowed TownTarget to create a robust campaign for RPM that organized their page connected all of their social media efforts, local directory listings (Yelp, Google Place, Yahoo Local, etc.), offline advertising, YouTube videos, public relations efforts and many other integrations. TownTarget then programmed the page with correct URL structure, tagged images, included meta-information and submitted the page directly to the top search engines including Google, Bing and Yahoo. The page was also replicated to include geo-targeting, categorical submission, keyword and phrase creation as well as demographic targeting.

After just two months of pairing TownTarget with their established marketing campaign, Real Property Management of Lexington Park had developed a greater significant online presence in all of the top search engines. They are now being found for hundreds of real estate and property management type keywords and phrases in Lexington Park and their surrounding areas. TownTarget’s campaign tactics resulted in higher rankings not only for the RPM Lexington Park website, but for their social media accounts, directories listings and even their offline media.



“We are a 20 year old business with a great online profile. We didn’t really think that TownTarget could help us improve our business, but the low pricing and no contract, made it worth our while to give it a shot.

 WOW! We have been so surprised with the response. Since becoming a TownTarget customer we have folks coming in asking us “when we opened?” They are shocked to hear how long we’ve been around. We ask them how they finally heard about us and they all say that they found us online when typing in searches for “local jewelry” or “gifts for mom” or some other keyword search.

 TownTarget has really boosted our profile, made us easier to find for new customers and we’ve seen our sales grow. I’d recommend TownTarget to any business (except my competitors!)”

- Danielle O. (Owner of Milk and Honey)