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Merchant Services

We are dedicated to help business owners to save moeny in thier credit card processing by elimnate unescessry fees and charges ,no matter what size  your company is we give you the lowest rates in credit card processing and if we can’t beat your current credit card rates will pay you $500 .
Through our company, small business owners have access to the highly-customized technologies of their field, as well as access, on a smaller scale, to the same capital markets as large multi-national companies. We provide small businesses with a solution to all of their business needs in one small, user-friendly system, allowing them to compete with companies of a much grander-scale without exhausting monetary resources and human capital.

Point of Sale System

The company’s latest, patented point of sale system, Firefly, offers the most advanced software on the market, with full mobile capabilities and a comprehensive marketing suite tailored for SMB retailers, salon and spa owners. The solution is fully integrated with cutting-edge payment processing capabilities, include ApplePay and other mobile transaction technologies, and is the first POS solution on the U.S. market with built-in, commercially viable EMV processing.


We are one of only a few processors in the country currently integrated with QuickBooks®, providing users with a more affordable payment processing option that the software’s native solution, without the hassle of double data entry, through its auto-sync payment interface, Lightning Payments™.

Online Marketing

Our online marketing is very effective and with no contract, if you do not like it you can cancel at any time,
Through our products, our merchants are able to:
Save time.
Save money.
Keep more of each transaction and get it faster.
Use those savings to grow their business.
The bottom line is we bring you more Revenue.


  • Very friendly and help us with the right security for our home . Ashley Smith --
  • Great services , and Mido was very helpful . lowest rates for sure. David Smith -- Google+



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