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Sandless Hardwood Floor Refinishing Baltimore MD

Hardwood floors require a certain amount of maintenance to keep them looking shiny and beautiful, and to prevent them from rutting, due to the presence of moisture or other forms of corroding agents. An easy way for trying to restore the shine of hardwood floors is to apply different types of waxes to them. But this process is short lived and will probably still resort to refinishing your floors, to revive the life and original shine of the wood. This complicated process of refinishing a hardwood floor requires a professional; finding one doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Just trust the company that made sandless hardwood floor refinishing a common practice; trust SandFree. We specialize in refinishing hardwood floors in Baltimore and the surrounding area.

Our custom techniques include refinishing your hardwood floors, so that they have a luster and shine that is pleasing to the eye. The usual dust and dirt which can be stirred up during the sanding process is eliminated with our chemical treatment. The end result is a finish that comes out as smooth as glass, without the mess and hassle of traditional sanding. Instead, you get a wonderful floor treatment that can take the wear and tear out of your hardwood flooring, and leave it looking brand new. Our sand free process is just what you have been looking for if you have been considering refinishing your hardwood floors in Baltimore.



  • I want you to know that my floor, hall and steps are beautiful. Sean did such a great job! He is a great representative of your company, so knowledgeable, great customer service, and he knows what he is doing. Rosa and Ron B. -- Testimonial
  • WOWOWOWOWOW!!! I am so happy with my brand new refinished floors! They are beautiful! Cindy W. -- Testimonial
  • Just wanted to let you know how pleased both Bob and I are with the floors. They turned out beautifully and had we known that the hardwood under the carpet was so nice, we would have done it years ago. Bob and Linda D. -- Testimonial
  • We love our new and refinished floors; they look fantastic. It was a pleasure to deal with your company and your employees. B.C. --Testimonial



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