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Hardwood Floor Refinishing Burlington ON

One day, no sanding, hardwood floor refinishing without the nightmare of airborne dust.  No Dust!  No Odor!  No Downtime!  Sanding and refinishing is no longer the only way or the best way to restore your hardwood floors.  No sanding wood flooring refinishing can be done in one day, involves zero fumes or dust, and costs about half as much as sanding.

ReNew Refinishing has helped many residential homeowners achieve their perfect floor.  Our residential projects include large homes, small homes, old homes historical homes and more.

When it comes to refinishing the flooring in commercial sites, you cannot just trust anyone.  Our company has completed successful projects for many prestigious clients during off business hours.

Our finish is water based and is the fastest-curing finish on the market.  Available in three sheens.  Ideal for all commercial, sports and residential applications.  Comes with a 5 year warranty against chipping and peeling.




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