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Fitness Center Hallandale Beach FL

Nourishing bodies and souls. OM’ECHAYE represents the quest in all of us to reach our highest potential as human beings and, as a result, a conscious society.

Our Mission

Promoting positive changes in people’s lives, one at a time, through an integrative approach to achieving personal growth and wellbeing.


OM’ECHAYE is the union of two words: Om and Amechaye. The sacred word Om embodies wholeness and inspires togetherness. In ancient Hebrew, Amechaye means life, relief and joy. Its sound connects you to your inner peace when something deep touches your heart and body.

We offer new ways to improve people’s lifestyles:

  • Fitness – to improve your health and take control of your body
  • Yoga – to align your body, mind and spirit
  • Pilates – to strengthen the body structure
  • Dance – to free the spirit and fortify our purpose in this world
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture and herbal medicine – an ancient way of healing, focused on the root causes rather than the symptoms
  • Vibrational Therapies and Healing Arts – to balance our subtle energies
  • Integrative Nutrition – to nourish our bodies for optimal health with weight loss and detox programs
  • Nails/Facials¬†– to look beautiful inside-out
  • Massage¬†– to relive tension in your body and mind
  • Meditation – to raise our levels of consciousness
  • Children Programs – to empower the future generations


  • This was the most amazing Yoga experiences I have ever had! I am new to Yoga and was worried that I would not be able to keep up with the class. Thanks guys! Mariano Lionel
  • The best place for health, workout,training, food, the whole WORLD!! This is the best $$ I've ever invested...LOVE you guys! Ingrid Derby Lahaye
  • "I have been to 2 classes... I found the atmosphere to be energizing, friendly, healthy and mellow all at once. Clean, new and they even have a small cafe serving healthy food! Check it out!" Linda Thornberg



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