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Espresso Bar Brooklyn NY 11211

We are a full-service espresso bar offering a wide selection of teas as well as Filipino baked treats guaranteed to tickle your palates. We specialize in fair trade, single-origin organic coffee imported from small growers in the Philippines.

Owner Ray Luna purposely designed the shop as an homage to his grandmother—the matriarch who was a constant fixture in the kitchen. The aroma of her food wafted from the oven and filled the entire house, prompting the family to gather back in the kitchen as they sat and enjoyed a meal together. Mountain Province’s homey decor, furniture, and overall ambience are all a throwback and a tribute to Grandma and her fierce yet warm spirit.


  • Since I moved to NewYork and into Brooklyn this place has been a blessing, The staff are so nice, and always greet me with a warm welcome and a fond farewell :) Anthony Larzabal -- Google+
  • Delicious sandwiches and baked goods. The coffee is superb, especially the espresso. This is the place you imagine going if you want a mellow, friendly cafe for work or a cozy coffee date. Dustin Bell -- Google+
  • Starting my day off right with an acupuncture appointment, followed by one of the best biscuits I've ever had, and a sublime iced almond latte. Glad I changed things up today and tried this place! Danielle Cyr --
  • The best espresso, dessert, breakfast, and lunch I have ever tried in the world. So very very good. Leia Klinger --
  • Omg this is my favorite cafe in Brooklyn. I'm in love with everything here from the coffee and taro / matcha lattes to the pork kimchi sandwiches and cassava cake. The sweets (drinks and food) are delicate and the pork sandwich is so crispy and packs a peppery zing. The interior is cute, reminds me of a small cabin in a one street town. The front of the cafe lets in a lot of natural light which is nice for reading or studying but the back can be a bit dark. I don't mind it so much though. Music is also not too loud so it's not distracting when you're trying to get work done. Anny Z --
  • I was looking through my camera pictures for a cassava cake picture cause I thought I took one. Later on I realized that I wasnt able to take a snapshot because I imediately took a bite of the famous dessert after it was served. Haha! First timers should totally try out their adobo sandwich and cassava cake! About the character of the place, the tables' height were convenient for a good working posture. Seats are two per table which I dig a lot because I usually like to sit alone and I try to avoid those long cafe tables. The interior was not too busy and the staff was nice as well. Complete package! L G. --
  • Staying at an Airbnb apartment in Williamsburg, the owner recommended this place. Small coffee shop with really good coffee, the best I have had in America and would give most Australian coffees a run for their money. Great homemade cakes. The owner is a charming young man who knows coffee and food. Free WiFi. Donswim --



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