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Credit Card Processing Company

We makes the process of opening a merchant account easy and affordable. You’ll be setup to accept and process all major credit cards – Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover, all forms of electronic payment: EMV Chip & PIN, EMV Chip & Signature, contactless, and mobile NFC. Funds are deposited electronically into your bank account within 48 hours. This ensures no-hassle payment from your customers, while reducing risk, saving time and improving your cash flow management. Your rates are quaranteed as lond as you are our customers


To compete in today’s restaurant industry, you need to operate smarter, faster and more efficiently than ever. That’s why thousands of businesses rely on TouchSuite Restaurant, the industry’s only solution that includes everything you need to start and grow your business. TouchSuite Restaurant offers a wide range of pricing options that are guaranteed to fit your business needs.

Working Capital Program

Capital Direct provides a fast, proven method for small to medium sized business owners, to access funds of up to $3,000,000 and use as they see fit, by tapping into their future sales volume. We maintain close relationships with over 14 different funding sources who buy a fixed amount of a merchant’s future sales at a discount.   Merchants receive a lump sum of immediate cash that is wire transferred directly into their bank account. Merchants repay Investors by taking a small, fixed percentage of the Merchant’s future sales volume.




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