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 The best local nail and waxing salon in Garden City, KS! Offering a complete suit of nail and waxing services for men and women. Visit Nail Salon today!


  • Went as walk in for simple French tip manicure, fast friendly service and nice job Glenniece Lawrence -- Google+
  • This is the BEST nail salon here in Garden City!!! My nail tech, Michelle did an amazing job & my nails look great. I feel brand new! I was visiting relatives & came in for a mani-pedi and it was well worth the wait, seeing how I was a walk-in. Sure, there's another nail place next door, but Hot Nails is where I'll be going from now on because I enjoy the friendly, inviting atmosphere. It's like hanging out with old friends. Melinda --
  • We were in Garden City, KS for a family reunion and had a free day, so my brother and sister went to Hot Nails for a pedi (I had a pedi/fill before going to KS). Low Yelp reviews made me leery of taking them there. They were both very pleased with their pedis and they recommend Hot Nails for their fast, courteous, gentle service. The shop was clean and tidy. They were walk-ins on a Monday morning and immediately seated. My brother is a 71 year old widower and can't reach his toes to clip them. He soaked while his operator finished up another customer. She then gave him a great pedi and relieved the pressure from long ingrown toe nails. He was very pleased. My sister was immediately started by the other operator, who quickly and gently ridded of her of rough heels and trimmed her nails. She didn't want a color, so she was done in about 15 minutes. If I lived near Garden City, I wouldn't hesitate in getting a pedi there. I would give them a try for a fill or full set and judge for myself. I observed nothing that would make me lower the rating from 5 stars during this visit. Joy L --
  • I just got a manicure and pedicure at this salon and I was very happy with my services. Both of the technicians that worked on my sister and I did a fantastic job. More importantly, I realized 2 hours after I left the salon that I had forgotten my wedding ring on the nail table. I was devastated as soon as I realized it was missing and drove back to the salon right before they closed for the night. The technician had placed my ring safely in her drawer and knew it was mine as soon as I walked in the door. I am forever grateful for her honesty and respect of a piece of jewelry that means more to me than money could ever buy! Plus, my new nails look really good with my ring!!! Tera Rooney Barnhardt --



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