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My name is Mateja Petje and I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a Professional Life Coach in Boca Raton, FL. It is my pleasure and my honor to share with you what I have learned from healing myself and studying different healing modalities.

  • Can you imagine waking up every day with joy and excitement like a dolphin jumping out of the water? Are you willing and open to discover your true passions and desires and remove the obstacles that stand in your way? I will work with you to gain the necessary tools and guidance to help you let go of irrational beliefs and self-sabotaging patterns that you have acquired over the years. I am compassionate, insightful, intuitive, and caring.

Over the years I have assisted many individuals, families and couples to go from a place of barely surviving to blossoming and thriving. Holistic Coaching International was created to offer more effective solutions to my clients. In recent years, the medical community has started to acknowledge the importance of integrating a holistic, mind-body-spirit approach to treating illness. The value of this approach is its preventative emphasis on health and wellness rather than waiting for illness and dis-ease to occur. Furthermore, in our fast-paced society, a significant number of conditions and illnesses are stress induced.

  • My counseling approach is based on integrating traditional psychotherapy approaches, such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and solution focused therapy (SFBT), with alternative/holistic modalities such as guided meditation and hypnosis, visualization, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), the Law of Attraction teachings, affirmations, and emotional freedom technique (EFT).

In order to achieve optimal health, we need to learn to quiet our busy minds and let go of negative beliefs that we have adopted. Incorporating personal spiritual practices that nurture our souls and help us to master daily challenges maintains health and wellness.

  • As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a Holistic Life Coach and Healer, I will help you understand the importance of gaining insights into the interrelatedness between mind, body, and spirit. You will deepen your compassion, forgiveness, joy, peace and contentment, as well as crystalize your sense of purpose. These are trademarks of a healthy, balanced person.


  • I highly recommend her if you are struggling with marriage, relationship, career or any kind of life issues. She won't disappoint you!! Irene K. Miami Beach, FL Yelp.cpm
  • Mateja is a joy to know and work with. I met Mateja during a grant, and, over time, we have become close colleagues and friends. She is knowledgeable in technique and very accepting as a clinician and person. She is a rare friend, and I believe she has much insight and empathy to offer her clients. I highly recommend her and believe you will be most pleased with your coaching experience. Meet Mateja, and begin to change your life with someone who truly cares. Alyssa R. Hollywood, FL Yelp.com
  • Mateja is a wonderful person. She is a skilled coach and has become a good friend over the past year. She has helped me in many occasions with her gentle but wise reasoning. I have even made a life change that I needed to make but was unaware that I should make, thanks to her prompting. Since knowing Mateja my life has greatly improved. I recommend her as a coach. Do not miss a wonderful opportunity to know her. Gitta K. Boca Raton, FL Yelp.com
  • Mateja has been wonderful and has helped me tremendously. She has been there for me from the beginning of the process and has helped me navigate my emotional state wonderfully. Her approach was very holistic which was important to me. Very attentive and supportive.... so happy I found her at the toughest of the times. I highly recommend her. JT, Wellness.com
  • Mateja is a wonderful counselor. She really takes time to work with you to help in the best manner. Her approaches are holistic and she provides you with so many tools to use to improve yourself. I highly recommend her. Debby, Wellness.com



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