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HELPING HANDS CREDIT CURES  is a consumer advocate that protects the individual and their families from aggressive debt harassment practices.  Many companies that engage in such harassment violate one or more laws that govern consumer rights protection.  What many companies fail to realize is that one infraction of these consumer protection laws can provide the consumer with an artillery of protection that HELPING HANDS CREDIT CURES arms them with.

Most credit card debt collections are “flawed” in that the methods utilized to intimidate the consumer are fraudulent collection practices which are a pronounced violation of rights.  HELPING HANDS CREDIT CURES  insulates the consumer by incorporating the laws that protect consumer rights and consequently cease the harassing phone calls, place the burden of proof on the collection companies, and ultimately can even hire national law firms that work to fight against these “debt perpetrators” who prey on the consumers and get money back from them.

Ultimately, HELPING HANDS CREDIT CURES works to reduce the incidence of personal bankruptcy filings in the United States.  Many victims of credit collection and aggressive debt harassment tactics, are bullied into filing for bankruptcy in order to stave off the seemingly never ending barrage of felonious credit chasers.

HELPING HANDS CREDIT CURES  uses a variety of different laws and methods to vet out the validity and verification of source and legal authority of debt collection to pursue you in a claim.  HELPING HANDS CREDIT CURES’experience has proven that when pressed, many instances with these collection companies, they stop their practices in their tracks and back off realizing the legal boomerang affect that can occur.