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Franchise Mart is an exclusive franchise directory resource for individuals who want to learn more about franchised business models across different industries.  We want to present our franchisors fairly to qualified individuals who want to see the best of the best in each franchise industry category.

With over 3,000 franchise systems in the U.S., it’s hard to identify which one is truly the right fit for the potential franchisee.  That’s why Franchise Mart wanted to present the most qualified franchisors in each industry to help entrepreneurs evaluate the industry benchmarks. Our franchisors submit detailed information on their franchised business model as well as general industry information so that individuals could get the bigger picture.

Franchise Mart was originally established in 1999 and has helped hundreds of individuals find franchise concepts through a perfected franchise matching system.  Our Franchise Mart experts evaluate several criteria, such as background, interest, geographical location, and investment level to match opportunities that seem to make a good fit.  From there, the individual can contact the franchisor, not a broker, to explore the franchise further. Going out on your own exploring the world of franchising and business ownership is a tedious process. Let our industry experts help you seek out the opportunities that are right for you.




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