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Countertop Installations Hendersonville TN

Elite is probably the most unique countertop fabricator in the middle Tennessee area. We have a tremendous selection of stones imported from around the world; and utilize the most sophisticated CNC technology and talented craftsmen to achieve the best quality and prices around. Quality, speed, and great customer service is the heart of our business. Our installation process is quick and easy. Our clients can expect to have their countertops in an average of 2-3 business days.

Quality Countertops

We have invested in the most advanced fabricated equipment available. Our shop is the only in the area to utilize waterjet/saw CNC cutting.
We also run all or our edges and sink cutouts through a CNC router.

Why are these machines so important?
Without them, all of the fabrication would need to be done by hand which would increase labor costs considerably. The cost of hand fabrication is much higher and requires more time to complete. Most fabricators that fabricate by hand perform this work without the use
of water which results in low quality finishes. The edges of the stone
will look dull and uneven.

With our CNC process, these problems are eliminated. All of our CNC machines use water and are controlled by the computer performing every movement with precision. It assures smooth, shiny edges free
of bumps.

Countertop Customization

Natural stone has veining and inconsistent patterns. To insure our customer’s satisfaction, we have invested in the most state of the art digital slab photo layout technology available today.

Choosing the color of your stone is only the start. We want every customer to be involved in the layout process. So we encourage every customer to come in for a one-on-one consultation with our CAD department. After we create a digital template of the job, the CAD department will take a photo of the customer’s slab(s) for the digital photo process. This is the process where the customer can hand select the exact way they want the job cut.

This is where the fun begins for our clients. If they want to avoid a certain spot or make sure a beautiful vein is in an exact spot, it is
only a matter of a click on our flat screen to view the results before
we make our cut.


  • These guys are great. My in-laws used them a few years back and we just finished our countertops this week. Measured Monday, installed Wednesday. Fits like a glove. sink went in perfectly, cooktop slipped right in. The seams are tight and hard to see. Best price I could find as well. They gave me some pointers on cleaning and sealing, cleaned up and left. M.C.A -- Yelp
  • Awesome! They use top of the line equipment to measure and cut the granite. You will NEVER see them use a hand saw of any kind to cut your granite. EID is top notch, very professional, and very price competitive. Depending on the granite you choose, they are cheaper than Lowes, Home Depot and most other granite companies. I have had themdo work at my log home and my houseboat with excellent results. So many complements that I have actually referred a couple other people who have used EID with Dotti Freeland -- YellowPages



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