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The EGC Group is not your average Long Island advertising agency. We are a team of marketing and digital professionals dedicated to moving, motivating, and driving consumers to take action: to click on your site, to walk in your door, to buy up your products or services. We call these points-of-action: “The Finish Line” – and we specialize in getting your prospects to cross it. EGC excels where other agencies can’t or won’t go. We are a professional Long Island ad agency that focuses on completing and sealing the sale – getting consumers to open their minds (and their wallets) to cross “The Finish Line.”

To accomplish this, our brand strategists become insight archeologists, constantly digging to discover unique research, intelligence, and data on what inspires and motivates your consumers. Our planners map and plot your consumers’ decision-making processes so we know exactly what makes them tick – and perhaps even more importantly, what doesn’t. Our creative team shapes and molds creative strategies and executions that inform, involve, and drive consumers to dash for that “Finish Line“ Our digitally-integrated media team delivers your unique, compelling message at the places that matter most. Our regional marketing teams energize brands at the most local and granular levels. Best of all – our process is quick and seamless – and you will have a guaranteed seat at the table, every step of the way.



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  • The results are simply amazing since the rebrand. Like the wineries, we'll be able to get people to come out here to try us, and that's the best way to do it, because we know they'll come back. Stephen Wirth EGC Group Client
  • We had an exciting time working with EGC and we are very happy with the final result. This is better than Mad Men! Yvonne Grant EGC Client



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