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Indian Restaurant Mahwah NJ

Indian cuisine has been influenced by a 5000-year history of various groups and cultures interacting with the subcontinent, leading to the diversity of flavors and regional cuisines found in modern-day India. The dishes of India are characterized by the extensive use of various Indian spices, herbs, vegetables and fruits.

Diwani NJ of Diwani Group, with over TWO decades has taken dining experience to new heights with gracious service, inventive cuisine, an extensive collection of food and beverages. The Chef and his team expertly prepare fresh farm-to-table Indian dishes. It is a destination for the food lovers who look for authentic Indian food and snacks served in a traditional way. We offer fine culinary experience to our guests at our restaurant which is famed among the topmost restaurants.

Diwani NJ has been one of the best Indian Restaurants in the vicinity. We also specialize in custom made order and delivery of the same at your door step; a facility which only a few restaurants offer. We serve the food parcels in specially made boxes with compartments to avoid any spilling of food. What makes our restaurants best among the leading Indian restaurants in New Jersey City is the perfect blend of taste, traditions and hospitality. Diwani NJ, serve the finest traditional Indian cuisine and the celebration of this exotic and colorful culture. We serve tangy and lip smacking assortment of traditional Indian cuisine that is served with less fire than is found in most Indian dishes. The heat quotient can be raised on request.

Diwani has the somewhat impersonal appearance of a hotel restaurant, but it is unmistakably Indian. The chef has shaken up the menu, adding unusual fare like venison and wild boar chops. The tandoori dishes are superb, putting to shame the usual dry, orange-tinged chickens that have come to symbolize Indian cooking in New York.. Also good are vegetable dishes like khatte aloo chole, chick peas and potatoes. Sarson ka saag, buttery mustard greens and spinach, is comforting and delicious.


Diwani’s tandoori halibut is a revelation of how a simple marinade of yogurt, ginger and spices, and careful cooking in the tandoor can make this bland fish lively and exciting. Likewise sabzi seekh kebabs, minced vegetables shaped into cylinders and roasted, are exceptionally satisfying, especially with roomali roti, unaccountably thin, finely textured bread.

The platter of papadum that appears immediately on your table may be the most routine part of the meal. Better to save room for appetizers like shrimp bathed in a wonderfully tangy Goan sauce of onions and tomatoes cooked down with vinegar, tamarind and chilies, or bhajjia, perfectly fried crisp vegetable fritters, which take on the lightly nutty taste of chickpea batter

Creamy chicken kebabs are beige as well, But Diwani offers better chicken choices, like the unusual potli chicken, a breast stuffed with minced chicken and served with fragrant lemon rice, and excellent basil chicken, in which the aroma of a basil-and-yogurt mixture, a sort of Indian pesto, wafts up from the chicken.

Away from the tandoor, dishes like khatte aloo chole, chick peas and potatoes, an almost dry preparation spiced with cumin, and subtly tangy with the almost sour flavor of dried pomegranate seeds. Sarson ka saag, buttery mustard greens and spinach enhanced by mustard seeds and chilies, is comforting and delicious.

While Diwani’s dessert list includes very good sheer khurma, a pudding of vermicelli, pistachios and almonds flavored with saffron, the standout is a lovely, subtle and light chai pot de crème, flavored with Darjeeling tea and served under a lid of whipped cream. It’s perhaps the one fusion dish on a menu that otherwise demonstrates how exciting Indian food can be without the fusion.



  • DIWANII has surely been a benchmark for QUALITY and VALUE FOR MONEY for quite some time for us compare to places around. I have been visiting this place for more than a year now and don't remember a single bad experience. Ron Bayeless -- Google+
  • I wouldn't say it's the best Indian food in NJ...I'd say it's some of the best Indian food I've ever had! Everything was fresh and delicious. Service was great for dine-in. We've ordered pickup from here a few times, and it's well-wrapped, hot and plentiful. Definitely check out Diwani! Adrienne B -- Yelp.com
  • I recently went here with my family and had bought a Groupon deal. We definitely enjoyed our first time at this place, as the staff were very warm and welcoming. I recommend ordering the Chicken Tikka Masala (my personal favorite Indian food), as well as the Poori and Naan/Roti (which our children loved), and the Chicken Saagwala (which my husband ate). The portions were just right, and everything was delicious! Venessa M -- Yelp.com



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