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CrossFit Box East Boca Raton FL

 Here at CrossFit Kismet we want you to feel welcome. We want this to be your playground, your sanctuary. You’ll notice we have no skulls or crossbones on the wall, there will not be robotic drill sergeants screaming in tongues as you struggle to do your last push up. At CrossFit Kismet, you will find a culture of positive encouragement. No matter how small or big you are, or when the last time you touched a weight was, WE WANT YOU!


Here at CrossFit Kismet we use a very simple progression called autoregulation. This basically means that we are always going to perform the trainable exercises at least once per week, sometimes twice. As for the exercises we can exercise with, they are strategically placed in the WOD as accessory lifts to enhance our muscular conditioning. The effect is dramatic to say the least. We use certain exercises as a foundation, other exercises as a catalyst, some to balance the body, and all of them to produce a healthy, indestructible YOU!


Here at CrossFit Kismet, we want to let you know you do not have to train with pain. Today’s coach cannot simply be a coach anymore.  Today’s coach has to be a coach AND a physiologist! Coach CK has made it his mission to understand the physiology of exercise and how its application affects the human body.  He trains the way you train and feels what you feel.   When you walk into CrossFit Kismet, you’re not just walking into another box, you’re walking into a clinic, a laboratory, a University!  Your membership at CrossFit Kismet will place you in a learning environment that allows you to perform basic mobility exercises to open up your joints so you can train without pain!


Here at CrossFit Kismet, Coach CK has all the nutrition question handled. No matter what you want out of your body Coach CK will be able to tell you what to put it it to get your desired results.In 16 years of coaching Coach CK hased answered a lot of questions that relate to fitness. Oddly enough, the majority of them are regarding nutrition. Why don’t we know what to eat and when like our furry friends? Why do sharks pass up krill, or lobster, but eat seals and tuna? Do giraffe’s have nutritionists? What about leopards? My guess is no, so why do human beings need one? When I was 27 years old I needed a nap after every meal, I looked skinny-fat, mean my muscles were covered under a layer of fat, yet if you saw me with a shirt on, you wouldn’t think I was fat. One day after an embarrassing episode, I had enough. I sat down and sought out the truth about nutrition. It’s a truth that I am still uncovering to this day because the truth is constantly evolving. No one will live forever, but like my mother proclaimed, “Everyone has the right to die healthy.”



  • CrossFit Kismet is hands down the best box I’ve ever been to. It’s been almost a year now since I began training with Coach CK and in that time I’ve learned that his knowledge and expertise in the fields of exercise, myoskeletal alignment therapy and nutrition is unmatched at any level C.S. Thomson -- Google+
  • I have always been a very sedentary person. In the last year I was convinced by a friend to go to a Crossfit class. The first week I thought I would not be able to move forward, but coach Chris made ​​me move forward. Today, 11 months later, I see a big difference in my body and energy on a daily basis. Cleverson Viana -- Google+
  • Crossfit Kismet is an amazing box for anyone with any amount of experience. Chris (owner and coach) will make you work but he will help you learn and understand every lift, exercise and movement. He cares about the safety and health of his athletes. Kenneth Suhandron -- Google+
  • I have been to other boxes, I have been a collegiate athlete, and even worked in other gyms growing up. I can honestly say, this is the last box/gym I will ever train at. I would recommend this place to my NFL friends and to my grandma alike. Jackie Diaz -- Google+
  • I have been to a couple CrossFit boxes in the Boca Raton area and after going through the WODs, talking to the coaches, and feeling out the culture of the box, CrossFit Kismet is the best! Coach CK is really what makes this box top notch. His experience, knowledge, and skill gives the box a solid foundation. He has been able to answer every question I have had about lifts, nutrition, supplements, injuries, and so on. If he was unable to answer the question he always comes back the next day with an answer. This box is very welcoming and the people who workout here are friendly and competitive at the same time. The box also runs a great deal where you can try the box for 2 weeks for free to see if it is for you. I highly recommend CrossFit Kismet in Boca Raton, FL! Clayton Gravely -- Google+



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