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Animal and Pest Control Services Madison WI

Critter Control established standards of excellence in animal pest control and upholds these standards with a professional staff of biologists, zoologists, animal control officers and anti-cruelty personnel. Our experienced and qualified wildlife control teams can assist in any wildlife control problem, ranging from bird control to raccoon removal. We utilize humane animal handling strategies in all situations.

Wildlife Control

Wildlife animals are generally heard in your home before they are spotted. Noises like scampering in the attic, scratching in the walls, and chirping in the chimney are signs of a wildlife infestation. The first steps after invasion is identifying and removing the problem animal. Critter Control of Southern Wisconsin will develop a manageable plan to prevent future wildlife problems. Our highly trained technicians at Critter Control will find all the entry points wildlife could access and seal them up. Our work is not complete until your home or business is critter-free.

Animal Trapping and Removal

Trapping wild animals takes a considerable amount of experience and knowledge. Our technicians are trained on animal’s specific habits, habitats, intelligence levels and diets. Removal is in order to start the control process. We ensure all problem wildlife are removed safely and humanely. It’s important to remove wildlife animals as quickly as possible to decrease the amount of potential damages.

Damage Repairs

Wildlife animals can cause a lot of damage, especially if not addressed immediately. Damage control ensures that once the problem animal is removed, the access points are sealed and prevention of future infestation will be prevented.

Home Services

Insulation installation and removal, feces removal, dead animal removal and vent screen guards are a few home services our technicians offer along with wildlife control. These services will assist in keeping the value of your home up, keeping your home clean, and keeping critters out in the the wild. 




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