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Animal and Pest Control Services Gulf Shores AL

Critter Control of Gulf Shores specializes in the wildlife found in southern Alabama and the Florida Pan Handle region. Our team works with you to quickly remove wildlife, repair damage to your home and install devices to prevent future infestations. Rest assured, we can get rid of pesky squirrels, roof rats, raccoons, bats, mice and more. Give us a call today to talk to us about your wildlife concerns. We are here to help you get rid of wild animals and repair wildlife damage.

Animal Removal:

We understand the frustration of finding unwanted raccoons, squirrels, roof rats and birds living in your attic or crawl space. You want these animals out as quickly as possible. Our humane methods ensure a safe eviction for wildlife invaders.

Wildlife Control:

You want to make sure animals are gone for good and so does Critter Control. Our team works with you to identify areas of concern. We can make recommendations to keep wildlife under control and away from your home. This may include installing chimney caps, vent screens or repairing holes in your home’s siding or roof.

Attic Repairs:

Animals seek out the warmth and quiet of attics. Raccoons are strong and curious creatures and can cause a lot of damage in a short amount of time. Even roof rats, squirrels and mice have been known to cause extensive damage. From chewing electrical wires to ripping apart heating and cooling vents, wildlife damage can become expensive and dangerous if not handled promptly.

Attic Restoration:

If you’ve had animals or birds living your attic, it’s likely that your insulation may need to be replaced. Raccoons tend to soil specific areas, matting and displacing insulation. Bats and birds can leave behind a huge mess. We can determine the extent of damage, remove soiled insulation and replace it with fresh insulation. Wildlife feces can harbor parasites and diseases, so it is important to get rid of soiled insulation.

Animal Odor Removal:

Replacing insulation may not always be enough to get rid of foul odors. We can take care of thoroughly cleaning up wildlife messes and removing animal odor.


Critter Control of Gulf Shores proudly offers senior and military discounts. Receive 10% off your wildlife control services. If you qualify for one of these discounts, be sure to mention it when you call!

Guarantees / Warranties:

Critter Control of Gulf Shores offers repair guarantees and our work! Give us a call and ask about our extended warranties and guarantees.

Repair Guarantees:

  • 1 Year Minimum
  • 5 Year Maximum
  • Lifetime on Vents/Guards




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