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Pest Control and Wildlife Management Fort Lauderdale FL


Welcome to Critter Control®! We are your source of information and complete services for all critter problems throughout Florida. Our goal is to offer exceptional customer service coupled with effective pest removal services.

Critter Control is a trusted name for wildlife and animal control because we offer comprehensive services, fast response times, and long-term solutions. We are proud to serve the Fort Lauderdale area and surrounding suburbs.

Humane Wildlife Management

Critter Control is the company you should call if you want animals removed from your property in a humane manner. Our experienced wildlife management staff is knowledgeable about all types of animals, and knows the proper ways to remove the pests without disrupting the animal’s natural instincts or behaviors. We want to keep our clients safe and happy, as well as protect the integrity of the little creature.

House Damage? We Can Fix It!

House damage is one of the worst things you will encounter if you have a critter problem. Damage is often found in the attic. As a full-service animal removal company, we offer restoration services. We can repair chewed-on, removed, or damaged insulation, ensure your insulation is clean of animal droppings and bacteria, and make sure your attic is returned to original condition. Getting rid of nuisance wildlife and unwanted pests is invaluable to any home or business owner. That is why we offer 100% financing!

Residential and Commercial Services

Critter problems aren’t just a homeowner thing. An annoying animal could be lingering around an office complex and scaring employees or business patrons.

We offer solutions for homeowners and business owners in the Fort Lauderdale area. You can contact us anytime you suspect a problem or see an unusual creature, and we will send our team out to survey the area, find vulnerable points of entry in your home or office, and implement a plan for exclusion and capture with your consent.

Call Now

Spot something? Don’t wait to call us. Animal problems are better solved earlier than later in order to save you time, money, and hassle. Call our team now if you would like a quote, have a question about our services, or need to schedule a service today. We will be happy to help you!


  • I'm grateful for this company, they come out every day to check & rebait the traps. I was especially impressed with Trapper Kassandra,she always gave notice when she was arriving and showed a level of professionalism that you don't often see. They captured three large raccoons with a refreshing service oriented style. I hope critters come around so they can come back. Trent W --
  • Critter Control is not the pest control company for my apartment complex, but I wish they were. When I had a rat infestion (one, possibly two, rats that left a BIG mess), my complex responded in a professional manner, but it took them three days to catch the rodent! During that time, I was living with the threat of a scrambling animal and its droppings. Once the maintenance crew fixed the problem, I wasn't convinced, so I called Critter Control. The technician called immediately, scheduled a visit the next day, evaluated the solution and walked the rest of my apartment, looking for other entry points. I appreciated the thoroughness of his visit and the time he took to assure me that the pest wasn't going to get back in. Since then (February), I've had no issues. I highly recommend Critter Control even if your complex doesn't contract with them. Call for a second opinion, so to speak! Michelle B --
  • My wife met Edward Ashton at our neighbors house while he was there trapping for some terrible critter. We were a little scared their creature was visiting our home as well but we didn't want alot of fuss so he agreed to come by and take a peek around the house. He was very upfront and honest when he didn't find anything he told us just that. He gave us preventive pricing to close holes and left us his card. We felt so great that he wasn't pushy at all, leaving the ball in our court. I will use critter control in the near future for sure!! A+++ Cass Troy -- Google+
  • The best thing I ever did was call Critter Control of Ft. Lauderdale. Each person that met with me was very professional and honest. Instead of trying to sell a bunch of extra services to hike up the charge, they outlined their services but pointed out I did NOT need some of them because there was no issue. How refreshing is that? At each step from the first visit, to the trapping, to the cleaning and final repairs to secure my home, my property was thoroughly inspected multiple times. I was always asked if there were any questions and if I was satisfied along the way. I have not had such good service in a very long time. Special thanks to Tom and Emerson for all the hard work at my home and consistently going above and beyond. I highly recommend this company and thank you for turning a negative into a positive! TT -- Google+
  • These guys are phenomenal, they have great attention to detail and humanely handle the animals they capture. 5 Stars! Tom Neckel --
  • Very appreciative for the work that was done. Late Sunday evening when I returned home I had a horrible odor near my front door. I checked Angie's List and called Critter Control. Sean and Jason came out and explained the problem and what needed to be done. I thought the estimate was expensive, but after several trips by Sean and explanations all along the way with every one of my questions answered, I realized how fortunate I was to have called Critter Control. The price was well worth the peace of mind I have now and the best night's sleep in almost a week! Thank You Very Much!! Verne T. Verene T -- Testimonials



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