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Your Eco-Wise professional keeps your family protected from unwelcome critters both large and small by providing a service that suits your needs. Like most homes, yours probably has small cracks and openings that give insects and even larger animals like rats and mice a way to be next to you and your family. We find those entry points by thoroughly inspecting your home, including the attic. We will show you a plan to physically seal the home against pest and critter invasion.

In certain areas where physical barriers are not possible, our Eco-Wise products will provide an effective layer of protection from pests, and will also be gentle on the environment. The Eco-Friendly advantage combines permanent barriers with low risk products to protect your family in a way that is truly Eco-Wise !
Our service is exceptional and includes:

- Thorough inspection including the attic to locate pest entry points

- Evaluation of the property to determine pest conditions

- Physical non-chemical barrier plan to seal your home and eliminate outside shelters

- Use of effective, low-risk products when needed

- Monitoring pest activity through the use of non-chemical traps

- Effective control of household pests including wildlife encounters

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We believe in our people and our service. We are confident you will be pleased with us and with the results of Eco-Wise. Occasionally a return trip is needed between scheduled services and we will do so at no charge. If you are not 100% satisfied with the results on your annual program, we will refund the cost of your last service along with our sincere apology.



  • Overall I felt comfortable with having him in my home. I would recommend them. Critter Controls Testimonials - Sonia L. Oviedo, FL
  • Mark and Jim came out did a fantastic job, I would defiantly recommend this company. Like I stated above, they our pet friendly and environmenlly friendly. After they sprayed I have not seen any more bugs. I signed up for a year contract because I was so impressed with their level of professionalism.. Critter Controls Testimonials - Brooke C. Tampa, FL
  • Mark showed up within the appointment time specified, did a thorough walkthrough inside and out, then talked to us about what he was going to do. We approved it and he got right to work, finished in no time and left us with documentation of needs and what was done. He spotted some fire ant and a couple of other pest nests that they'll follow up on. Critter Controls Testimonials - David R. Winter Garden, FL



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