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Car batteries often fail when you need them the most. That’s why BATTERIES 911 offers a 24/7 professional, on-the-go battery replacement service. We come to you, with a fast and secure service. The BATTERIES 911 50/50 Guarantee ensures that we arrive within 50 minutes of your call, or you get 50% off. At BATTERIES 911, we stock premium-quality, maintenance-free car batteries for all makes and models.




  • I'm so thankful with BATTERIES 911! This morning I arrived from a weekend trip, ready to go to work and my car was dead! I called my boss to let him know about my issue and he immediately recommended me to call BATTERIES 911. I called them and within 40 minutes they came to my home, changed my car battery and didn't leave until making sure my car started and everything was working OK. I didn't have to do anything, excellent service! I totally recommend them. Thank you BATTERIES 911. Luisa Meluk - BATTERIES 911 Testimonial
  • The Technician arrived within 45 minutes of my call. He was very friendly and he changed my battery at a reasonable price. I will definitely recommend this service to all my friends and family. Robert Corner - BATTERIES 911 Testimonial
  • It was an early morninng, when I received a phone call from my wife saying that her car did not want to start, I called BATTERIES 911 when I called the customer service representative was so helpful. When I called my wife back and told me that the techncian was already changing the battery, I was surprised when my wife told me that technician was already there, Thanks to BATTERIES 911 for their fast service. My wife arrived work on time. Agusto Rodriguez - BATTERIES 911 Testimonial



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