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Grocery Store Hawthorne CA

Founded in 1985 by Mrs. Harriet Nyenke, Obichi Enterprises is backed with 24 years of industry experience.¬†Obichi Enterprises provides top-notch african food, condiments, videos, calling cards, cosmetics magazines. along with great customer support – a combination that can’t be beat!¬†Through our commitment, experience, and expertise Obichi Enterprises has established a business relationship with our customers that will last a lifetime.


  • Good African store, Ms. Obichi is awesome! Pepper soup spices, wheat flour for fufu, smoke fish and all kinds of African delicacies:) Obichi is friendly and will answer questions on preparation of recipes which is so helpful. I' ll be a regular here since I'm learning how to cook West African meals for my hubby. Alby O --



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